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Supplies for Virtual Classes: 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO SEND YOU SUPPLIES I CURRENTLY HAVE ONE PACKAGE: (The paints in my package will last you for quite a few paintings - at least 10 but up to 20 - depending on size of canvas and how much you pile it on)

If you choose to buy your own supplies, you may get your supplies at a Michael's or any another art supply store either in the store or online. To avoid the Rona, I suggest you get your supplies online from art stores like Blick Art and Jerry's Artarama.  Just know that delivery times are slow - allow 1 to 2 weeks to get everything.
  1. Paint colors needed - white, black, red, yellow, blue, raw umber (dark brown), yellow ochre or oxide - Other helpful paint colors - Phalo Green, Hooker's or Medium Green, Purple, Orange, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Chrimson, 
  2. Canvases -  Any sizes you choose to use.  I suggest you get a variety of sizes and thicknesses
  3. Paint Brushes -  I suggest you get a set from Amazon - they have many to choose from at reasonable prices.  Here are some:   Paint Brush Option #1    Paint Brush Option #2

  4. Dinner Sized Paper Plates (with waxy film) for a Palette
  5. Regular Pencil, White Chalk Pencil, and Black Charcoal Pencil 
  6. A Container of Water for your brushes (old pasta sauce glass jars are great) 
  7. Optional (but really helpful) - easel, ruler, palette knife, small water spray bottle, an old towel or paper towels, old clothes and/or an apron

Any Questions?  Contact ME






  • Set of 8 paint colors in  4oz. containers: (White,Black,Cobalt or Ultramarine Blue,Red,Yellow, Green, Raw Umber, & Yellow Ochre) - WANT MORE PAINTS?  Order A La Carte! 

  • Set of Paint Brushes & 1 palette knife

  • 1 White & 1 Black Chalk Pencil + 1 2B lead pencil

  • 4 Canvases in different sizes

  • 1 Table Easel + 1 Used Apron

  • Free Shipping!


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